Here’s how it went down… Q. SO, EAST BOSTON IS A NEW AREA FOR YOU, WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO RENO IN THIS AREA? We have been rehabbing single family homes for five years and were ready to try something new.  East Boston is such an exciting place to be now. There’s so much change … [Read more…]

This Design Didn’t Have a Standing Chance

Stage Property is a female run company and while there are many advantages to this dynamic, there are also a few disadvantages. Especially when it comes to understanding a man’s preference to stand up to pee (an area that is unfamiliar to us). That’s when we call on our resident “Tall Dude” to enlighten us on … [Read more…]

Goodbye West Hill, We Miss You Already

We recently wrapped up an amazing renovation in Melrose. This home is located in Melrose Highlands in a super family friendly neighborhood. On open house day, there were so many neighbors who came by to check it out that it felt a little like we were hosting a block party. Everyone knew each other! We … [Read more…]

A Look Back At Our Kitchens

Some kitchens hold a special place in our heart, especially our very first kitchen — Washington Terrace. All Ikea and we still love how it looks, 5 years later.  Since it was our first, there was a steep learning curve and we worked extra hard to get it right. It took us eight weeks to design. … [Read more…]