Stage Property is a female run company and while there are many advantages to this dynamic, there are also a few disadvantages. Especially when it comes to understanding a man’s preference to stand up to pee (an area that is unfamiliar to us). That’s when we call on our resident “Tall Dude” to enlighten us on this phenomenon to test our design. As shown in the photo, our preliminary bathroom layout did not accommodate all height needs. After we stopped laughing we realized we could solve the problem by building out a dormer.

The majority of the homes we renovate are older homes. Our design philosophy is to preserve the charm of the home and combine it with modern living. The bathroom situation and other height/male related challenges are not uncommon due to the fact that we often renovate attics and other atypical spaces to create more livable areas. Whenever we are renovating one of these spaces, our unwritten practice is to have Dave, our token “Tall Dude” at 6’3”, do a walk-thru to assure that the space works for everyone.

Although we have been told that Dave is “freakishly tall” by one of our shorter contractors we always design our lights and ceilings to clear 6’4” and to make sure nobody leaves any of our homes with a concussion.

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