One of our recent projects involved a property that abutted a commuter rail line.  A few times each hour a diesel locomotive would pull a few commuter rail cars past the house.  You could feel the ground rumble as the train passed.  When we first bought the house we were terrified that we had violated the first, second and third rules of real estate: location, location and location.

However, it wasn’t very long before we realized that we no longer “heard” the train passing. The train wasn’t any less noisy.  We had just grown accustom to the sound.

Realizing that prospective buyers would not overcome the sound immediately, we figured we had to go on the offensive.  We turned this weakness into a strength.  Not only did the house abut the railroad tracks, but it was also walking distance to the train station. As we marketed the property we emphasized that this was a commuter’s dream home — walk to the train and be in downtown Boston in 18 minutes.


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